Weber genesis silver bbq price

Genesis® II Series

This is an exceptional BBQ and would only be for those who are serious about barbecuing! The Weber brand speaks for itself and is made to last. This is solid and cooks like a dream. Heaps of space and retains heat very well. Excellent condition. A truly great product. First to see will buy! Weber Genesis Gold, 3 burner with side burnerhot plate and cover. Great reliable bbq in good used condition. Only Selling because we upgraded to a newer and bigger genesis. It can be removed or replaced.

Great weber BBQ. Great size for a family. Side burner and extra grill. Needs a clean and a gas bottle. Still works great. Price is now firm so no offers will be considered Reason for selling is that we are downsizing and selling our house and moving into a unit with no external balcony so no n. Weber Genesis Very good condition. Purchased in Cooks beautiful steaks and roasts. Comes with hot plate and cover. Converted to natural gas.

Gas Bottle not included. Comes wiith original cookbook and a cover. BBQ has been kept under cover, it is still in good condition.The hardest thing about fixing these grills is replacing the burner tubes. The only reason that the burner tubes are tricky is because of one or two screws that get rusted into place.

How To Determine The Age Of Weber Grills & Smokers

Once you get the screws out then working on these grills is a breeze. The Silver A is a two burner grill. The most commonly replaced parts are given below. To the best of my knowledge replacement frames and side tables are not available.

weber genesis silver bbq price

The Silver B is a full sized three burner grill. The Silver C is a full sized three burner grill with a side burner. The replacement parts for the main grilling compartment are identical. The biggest difference between the grills is a reduction in the number of Flavorizer bars from thirteen down to five.

I will make the assumption that this was an attempt to lower the cost of the grill and was not related to improved performance. The initial patents on the Flavorizer bars indicated that only the ones directly over the burners were really needed to prevent flare-ups.

The second row of Flavorizer bars on the older models was included to aid in heat distribution. A second difference between these two generations of the Genesis involves the side tables as well as materials of construction. In earlier Genesis model the side tables were constructed from slats of wood or from slats of a polymer that looked like wood.

In the Silver, Gold and Platinum models the side tables are all single piece construction. The side tables are now either a solid piece of plastic, porcelain coated steel or stainless steel. For the Genesis Silver grills the Flavorizer bars carried a one year warranty and the cooking grate was covered for three. The Weber Genesis Silver A was an inexpensive, two burner grill that served to let people own a piece of the Weber name without shelling out significant cash.

There was a solid side table on the left hand side of the grill made from a thermoplastic material. Total cooking area on this grill is about square inches. The Genesis Silver B was a full sized three burner grill with approximately square inches of grilling space.

Genesis Silver A

The plastic side table had an extension that could fold down when not in use. The Genesis Silver C was the same grill as the Silver B but included a side burner and was mounted on a larger cart.

Both of these grills had three burners and a side table on the left made of porcelain enameled steel. On the right hand side of the grill the Gold B had another work table while the Gold C had a side burner. Flavorizer bars and cooking grates carried the same warranty as found on the Silver grills. Both of these grills had three burners and a side table on the left made of stainless steel. On the right hand side of the grill the Platinum B had another work table while the Platinum C had a side burner.

The material of construction was much more durable on the Platinum line of grills. For the Genesis Platinum grills the Flavorizer bars carried a five year warranty and the cooking grate was covered for seven. Both of these grills also came with a smoker box which was inserted into the left side of the grill. The inclusion of the smoker box meant the Platinum grills had a little less grilling area than the Silver and Gold B and C models.

All grills in this line were equipped with a warming rack and all but the Silver A also had a warming basket.From toWeber charcoal grills were not marked to indicate date of manufacture or model year. Age can be estimated by certain features and physical characteristics of the grill itself. InWeber introduced a one-letter alphabetic code representing the model year of Weber charcoal grills.

The code was stamped into the lid damper of each charcoal kettle; for the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker, the code was stamped into the lid damper and all three charcoal bowl dampers.

The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker was first introduced for the model year, so most of the oldest cookers have a C code. A few have a B codeindicating they were manufactured in in the run-up to the introduction.

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As with the previous code scheme, this two-letter code was stamped into the lid damper of each charcoal kettle. For the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker, the code was stamped into the lid damper and all three charcoal bowl dampers. On some Performer grills, the code can also be found on labels on the rear panel of the grill or on bar code stickers under the control panel or stainless steel charbin cover. Things got a bit more complicated in when Weber started laser-etching a nine-character alphanumeric code onto the lid damper alongside the two-letter alphabetic code.

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Dual coding occurred during the model years only. InWeber stopped using the two-letter alphabetic code on almost all charcoal grills in lieu of the nine-character alphanumeric code. Example of CU code on a Weber Performer. For example, this code scheme was used on the limited edition red Weber built up a large inventory of these grills during the summer of for the fall release and continued building them after the October 1 start of the model year, so the grills delivered were stamped with both BM and BI codes.

Due to issues with the quality of the red porcelain finish on many of these limited edition grills, Weber manufactured replacement parts for these grills during the and model years. The dealer ordered a replacement lid and when it arrived, it had a BX code on it. Example of BM code on a limited edition red Example of BI code on a limited edition red Example of BX code on a replacement lid from Dirk Jervans.

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The dot indicates that this smoker was a pre-production version not intended for retail sale. The gas kettle came in three versions: a stand-alone kettle, a post-mounted kettle, and a cart-mounted kettle. These early gas grills had serial numbers, but we have no information to indicate that these grills were coded to indicate date of manufacture or model year. We have no information to indicate that the early versions of these grills had serial numbers or were date coded.

The serial number is usually found on a sticker found on the back of the grill or inside the enclosed storage cabinet, or sometimes on a bar code on the chassis under the control panel. InWeber started using the same nine-character alphanumeric code on the Go-Anywhere Gas Grill as it uses on Weber charcoal grills.

The code is laser-etched on the gas burner. These grills use a nine-character alphanumeric code. Example of UD code inside SmokeFire pellet hopper lid. Oh well, too late to change the name now! I arrived to see it and learned it was missing a water pan and had rust.From what I have read, it seems to be a great grill.

Why the discount? I love my Weber Genesis Silver B! I have had it for 18 years and it still works like new!

weber genesis silver bbq price

Something has always been cooking on my grill at least once a week. You made some good points there. I looked on the internet for the topic and found most individuals will approve with your blog. The weber genesis grill simply a great grill. I bought it and used it with direct gas from my home, then moved and found it was easily convertible to propane, minor part changes needed. Good reviews. I brought Weber e for 2months ago. I love my weber, 10 years old now and just like new.

Hi, I run a weber gas grills site and stumbled across your blog. I was going to do some research to see why the discount was run, but I realized it was a few year back! Funny thing, the Weber genesis is still one of the most popular Webers next to the kettle grills. Lesson: Before buying big ticket items at Home Depot, check the price online. You may find a deal. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Home Depot website.After a while, anyone could benefit from some fresh new grill parts.

Whether in need of a new cooking grate, igniter kit, or even a misplaced warming rack, Weber provides affordable replacement parts for your gas grills. Not sure which replacement part you need? JavaScript is currently not enabled for your browser. Please enable JavaScript to use all the functions of our shop.

Add to Cart menu-arrow-down Arrow Add to Cart circle-medium gift-certificate-icon pointer. Gas Grill Replacement Parts After a while, anyone could benefit from some fresh new grill parts. Filter products. Brand Weber.

Restore Weber Grill - Weber Genesis

Compare 0 Products selected. Compare Delete all. Compare Adapter Hose Add to Cart. Compare Warming Rack Compare Flavorizer Bars Flavorizer Bars Built for side mount Genesis series. Flavorizer Bars Built for most Genesis series. Flavorizer Bars Built for all Spirit series Cooking Grates Built for Genesis series.

Compare Cooking Grates Cooking Grates Built for Spirit series Cooking Grates Built for all Spirit series Compare Cooking Grate Warming Rack Built for most Spirit series. Warming Rack Built for Spirit series. Compare Igniter Kit Igniter Kit Built for most Genesis Compare Locking Caster Compare Hose and Regulator Kit Compare Burner Tube Kit Weber Grills is an American grill manufacturing company that offers charcoal, gas, and electric grills.

In fact, Weber offers a wide range of styles, models, features, and accessories.

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Through the years, as models get updated with new features and technology, it can be difficult for consumers to know exactly which model they have. This mostly becomes an issue when it comes to repairs. For example, it may be necessary to identify your Weber grill by model number in order to acquire parts.

Do you have a Weber grill? Need to know what type of Weber grill you have? Read on as we walk you through how to find your grill type and model number. And now there is a redesigned Genesis II. If you do not know your model or series of your Weber grill, you can always collect some information by either measuring the grill parts or by identifying certain characteristics of your grill.

Here are some things to look for in order to identify the type of Weber grill you have:. Locate your Serial Number. Weber serial number location :. All Weber Grills have the serial number located on the owners manual.

If you should not have your manual, follow these guidelines below. Also you can email us a picture of your grill and we can figure it out. Here are the possible placements of the serial number on your grill based on the model.

Once you have located the serial number, you can enter it into the search box on the Weber website to determine the model of your grill. One of the things to look for is how many burners your grill has. Grills with two knobs 2 burners are those in the Spirit Series.

The side mounted controls are older models of the series, while the front mounted controls are newer models.All around this is one of the best gas grills on the market for its price. Take care of it and a Weber Gas Grill will last you for a decade and give you the versatility you want to grill most anything you can think of.

The high-quality parts, particularly the stainless steel burners will need an occasional cleaning, but will last you long enough to pass it on to your kids. People who own Weber grills swear by them and always buy Weber. This unit is also large enough to suit almost any need. Manufacturer's Site. Weber builds grills that are among the most recommended in the world.

Their wide availability makes them very popular as does their consistently high quality of manufacturing. This Weber grill is an attractive unit of stainless steel and painted black. The lid is a heavy dual layer stainless steel piece, the body is black painted cast aluminum and the frame is welded steel. Welded steel is much better than the riveted or bolt frames on many lower quality grills. Apart from the looks, the Weber burner system provides good heat distribution that eliminates hot and cold spots.

The three burner configuration gives you the ability to grill indirectly or to have a hot sear zone while having a cooler grilling area. Control on this grill is very good because of its highly adjustable valves. The Genesis C offers 36, BTUs from its three burners under a primary cooking area of square inches.

While this is a little low for a grill of this size the efficient design generates more heat with less fuel than many other grills. If you want to sear a steak you'll probably have to use all three burners on high after preheating for about 10 minutes. This unit also comes with a 12, BTU side burner. They also have a great reputation for service. This grill is also available in natural gas. Read More.

weber genesis silver bbq price

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